"Have You Seen Me?"

Have You Seen Me?, 2024

12 vinyl bugs and corresponding laser-printed flyers installed throughout the Arizona State University Art Building


Within our world of technology and encouraged focus on efficiency, slowing down to observe your surroundings and take in “the little things” is increasingly important.

Within my work, I tend to think about humans' relationship to other animals and living beings, and I find that bugs are particularly controversial yet crucial to the conversation. Many people loathe bugs and find them vile - pests to kill. However, they are everywhere even if they make you uncomfortable, and they play an important part in our ecosystem in rural and urban environments all the same.

I hope this work encourages people to make a game of simply looking closer at the building they wander through aimlessly every day, and they may notice things they never had before. Taking time to observe your surroundings is not time wasted.